Emil Lukas | Dome

  • Emil Lukas Durham Press Dome Screenprint Edition Thread Paintings


    Dome, a portfolio of four screenprints created by Emil Lukas with Durham Press, draws on the artist’s “Thread Paintings” which play a prominent role in his body of work. Lukas builds these Thread Paintings by wrapping thread around a frame, allowing layers of different colors to cross over each other and diffuse into an almost glowing composition; each strand is wrapped with precision to create an all-consuming composition that is at once chaotic and harmonious. In Dome, the thread is not the final artwork – instead, each wrapped composition created by Lukas is used to expose a silkscreen. Though a different color becomes dominant in each print in the portfolio, all are created by layering five unique colors made by exposing a screen from a different thread composition created for each color. The screens were then printed on top of each other, layering thin lines of color that emulate the effect of the delicate thread used in Lukas’ Thread Paintings to achieve a complex composition that is seemingly illuminated from within.


    Dome is printed in an edition of 35 on Somerset Satin paper, with each print measuring 28 ¼ x 28 inches. This portfolio, as well as other works by Emil Lukas, is available directly through Durham Press. For more information, please contact us at sales@durhampress.com.