James Jamie Nares | Road Paint Prints

  • James Jamie Nares Durham Press Intaglio and Screenprint Edition Road Paint Print
    Nares drawing with road striping machine


    As with all of her collaborations with Durham Press, Jamie Nares' intaglio and screenprint Road Paint Prints series explores new methods of mark making - in this work drawing directly from methods used in her concurrent Road Paint paintings that were the subject of a 2013 exhibition at Paul Kasmin Gallery, New York. The monumental paintings in the exhibition, standing at 10 x 8 feet tall, were made using a road striping machine Nares brought to her studio. Typically used to create lines and dashes on pavement to direct traffic, Nares instead walked across the canvas with the machine to create large, gestural marks with thermoplastic paint, often adding glass beads that create a textural quality that becomes reflective from specific angles.


    Utilizing the same machine on site at Durham Press, the Road Paint Prints began by walking the striping machine across pieces of melamine to create distinct, almost totem-like lines. The raised lines were used to make a polyurethane mold from a casting, from which ink was hand applied and printed with an intaglio technique over a black screenprinted background.


    The Road Paint Prints feature a similar gestural quality and texture as her paintings, though on a much more intimate scale - instead of monumental, they appear almost ghostly, an apparition emerging from the void behind. Like her brushstrokes, each work focuses on a solitary line on a monochromatic background, emphasizing the subtle variations between the series despite their repetitive nature. As with her 2011 video Street which has been slowed down to a frame rate with the viscosity reminiscent of the thick paint coming from the road striping machines, Road Paint Prints reveals the nuance of movement. The notion of time, motion, and velocity continue to run as a common thread throughout Nares' work, investigating it resolutely from all angles.


    Road Paint Prints, as well as numerous other works with Nares, are available directly through Durham Press. For more information, please contact us at sales@durhampress.com.