Lisa Stefanelli | Trifecta


    tri·fec·tanoun. A system of betting in which the bettor must pick the first three winners in the correct sequence.


    Durham Press is pleased to announce the publication of Trifecta made with artist Lisa Stefanelli, a triptych of three screenprints on Tanbo 61gsm paper in an edition of 45. Inspired by the tension between the tightly controlled aesthetics of horse racing and the chaotic element of chance, Trifecta, like all Stefanelli's work, references the intersection of modern culture with the natural world. A former figure skater, Stefanelli has likened her works to the patterns she once etched in ice. In Trifecta, looping dark lines, with echoes of copper, green and blue, are inscribed against a void suffused with a subtle glow, suggesting both simplicity and limitless space. With lyrical forms and muscular flourishes, these boldly graceful prints evoke the elegance of calligraphy and the energy of physical motion.