September 20, 2015
  • Installation of James Nares' series Category V, 5 silkscreen brushstrokes James Nares' series Category V, 5 silkscreen brushstrokes One print from Category V in portfolio box


    James Nares and Durham Press have collaborated on a suite of screenprints: Category V. Comprised of five prints measuring 37 by 19 1/4 inches each, Category V is published in an edition of 45. The prints are also available individually.


    With Category V, Nares continues to develop his celebrated brushstroke imagery. Each print depicts a solitary, gestural mark that the artist made with brushes of his own design. The prints record the dance-like motions of these brushes—their twists, skips, dashes, and turns. While these works often draw associations with action painting because of their free-form appearance, Nares practice stands apart because of his commitment to repetition and his exacting eye. He rejected many compositions, clearing the surface and repeating his process until a desired state of movement and balance was achieved in each image.

    A similar meticulousness was applied to the printing process in creating Category V. Each print features twelve screenprinted applications of ink. Building from paler violet to the rich vibrant tones, these layers capture the subtlety and vitality of the artist’s brushwork.


    Among Nares’s collaborations with Durham Press, Category V is distinct. While his previous prints feature brushstrokes suspended in the middle of the page or traveling from end to the other, many of these new works engage three or four edges of the paper. In certain areas, the brushstroke almost leaves the page entirely, only to return and continue on its fluid path. When considering the suite together, this movement on and off the page becomes particularly dynamic. One can imagine lines jumping from one print to another, further unifying the individual images into a larger, cohesive composition.


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