February 10, 2017
  • Installation of 4 of Michael Heizer's Hard Edge Etchings intaglio prints on wall Hard Edge Etching 1 (intaglio print) by Michael Heizer Hard Edge Etching 4 (intaglio print) by Michael Heizer Hard Edge Etching 2 (intaglio print) by Michael Heizer Hard Edge Etching 3 (intaglio print) by Michael Heizer


    Michael Heizer has completed a new group of intaglio prints with Durham Press titled Hard Edge Etchings. The portfolio consists of four prints, each measuring 22 x 19 ¼ inches.


    The Hard Edge Etchings were made from custom-cut, shaped copper plates with unique silhouettes, relating to his works on nonstandard canvases: Hard Edge Paintings and his recent Wet Paintings, all of which were shown recently in a solo show at Gagosian, Beverly Hills. Unlike his Hard Edge Paintings-which recall Color Field abstraction with their art historical title and their bold, distinct areas of colors or tone-the prints contain spontaneous yet precise etched lines and shapes that often intersect and overlap. Their active, energetic surfaces harken to the early modernist works of artists such as Wassily Kandinsky and Kazimir Malevich while being decidedly contemporary.


    Michael Heizer has been collaborating with Durham Press since 1988. The Hard Edge Etchings are available as a portfolio or individually directly through Durham Press.