Jacob Hashimoto | This Ever-Fragile Balance Series

2024 (in production)
  • Durham Press is pleased to announce their latest project with artist Jacob Hashimoto, a series of three prints titled This Ever-Fragile Balance. These works combine woodblock and screenprint on handmade Japanese paper, each measuring 36 1/8 x 33 1/4 inches (91.8 x 84.5 cm) and printed in editions of 45.


    In This Ever-Fragile Balance, Hashimoto returns to the circular format 'kites' he began working with at Durham Press that allow him to freely play with pattern and color in a modular format. These kites reference the bamboo and paper kites Hashimoto uses in his large-scale installation works, translating them into two-dimensions as a series of uniquely patterned woodblocks with a delicate woodgrain framework. They hold kinetic energy while caught in place on the paper, maintaining an illusion of gravity while defying what is possible in Hashimoto's physically suspended installations. The strings tangle as they connect these kites, as if pulled awry by their entropy.


    Airy even in their most condensed moments, kites float through space with semi-transparent inks which converge instead of collide. Their paths are met by bold rectangles of color that define each composition, compressing and extending space to create dramatically different weights in these component parts. Crowded bands of blues and yellows become top heavy, like a piston pushing down on the floating kites below. In another composition, thin lines delineate a space full of breathing room even if it is still filled with a complex rectangle structure. The Ever-Fragile Balance fluctuates between density and lightness to find the midpoint where, if but for a moment, both states can exist at once. 


  • More information on This Ever-Fragile Balance is available here. Jacob Hashimoto's many other projects with Durham Press can be found on his artist page. For more information, please contact us at sales@durhampress.com.