Beatriz Milhazes | Gold Rose Series

  • Beatriz Milhazes Durham Press Gold Rose Series Cinnamon Woodblock Screenprint Edition
  • Beatriz Milhazes and Durham Press have collaborated on Gold Rose, a series of seven prints arranged in two singular prints, one diptych, and one triptych. Each piece is named after a different spice – Sugar, Cinnamon, Salt, and Red Pepper – with distinct styles that connect into a cohesive body of work. The woodblock and screenprint prints are unified by a height of 31 ½ inches, though vary in length from 15 ¾ to 63 inches.
    Gold Rose began with a simple sketch, a framework to break down and rebuild element by element as Milhazes began to compose each print. Experimenting with different motifs, colors, and woodblock and screenprint elements, Milhazes has created a common language between these pieced together parts: the waves that fill the background of Sugar appear again in Salt, and the arabesque that dominates Cinnamon peaks out behind a pucci in Red Pepper. Nuanced relationships begin to form within each singular print, each diptych and triptych, and across the series itself, to create a disparate but balanced whole.
  • Like the spices they are named after, each work in Gold Rose has its own character: some are stark, some are intricate, and some fall somewhere in between. Milhazes describes Gold Rose as having “a rhythm with extremely sharp, disturbing and unexpected visual moments.” This ability to create motion and harmony using complex and distinct elements is a hallmark of Milhazes’ work at Durham Press. Her prints often feature graphic screenprinted arabesques against organic woodgrain or gestural lines, using contrast to create dynamism.
  • In Salt, these disparate parts coexist. Dissonance forms as an opaque pucci lies over a transparent woodgrain background, creating a potent sense of depth. It is as if the pucci has been thrown into the foreground as it projects onto a different plane. Sugar, however, seems to flow like a curtain on the wall as its undulating strands envelop pucci-esque motifs. Its graphic motifs retain that strong sense of motion as they sway along with its meandering waves. Each print in Gold Rose stands on its own as they play with these visual rhythms in new ways, though collectively they act as an example of Milhazes’ ability to shift, transform, and unify distinct visual languages into a cohesive and dynamic work of art.
  • Gold Rose is printed on Saunders 410gsm paper and is released in an edition of 40. For more information on this series, as well as other works with Beatriz Milhazes, please visit her artist page or contact us at