Jacob Hashimoto | Love’s Great Mystery, Ontological and Absolute

  • Jacob Hashimoto Durham Press Love's Great Mystery Ontological and Absolute Woodblock Edition Print

    Jacob Hashimoto has released a new woodblock print with Durham Press, titled Love's Great Mystery, Ontological and Absolute. This print is published in an edition of 27 on Hiromi Handmade DHM-11 Triple Thick paper and measures 25 ¾ x 38 ¾ inches.


    Love's Great Mystery, Ontological and Absolute acts as a record of Hashimoto's process while working at Durham Press - the print itself is made from the remnants of producing Hashimoto's signature kites seen in earlier editions such as Index I and The Calamitous, yet Normal Circumstance of the Universe. In this new edition, these kites are placed back into the matrix they were cut from; they exist in their own negative space, simultaneously inset in and emerging from their dark navy woodgrain background.


    Hashimoto's previous prints with Durham Press either build a larger composition by layering and obscuring his kites, or conversely separate each kite into a stand-alone print as seen in Index I. Love's Great Mystery, Ontological and Absolute manages to merge these disparate ways of working with these kites. They are both isolated within their matrix while still existing in context of one another, maintaining a sense of clarity that allows each kite to be seen as a distinct object while still playing off the patterns and colors of the surrounding kites. Love's Great Mystery, Ontological and Absolute juxtaposes the rigid structure of its background with playful, colorful kites in its foreground to create a harmonious and dynamic print through the tension of its framework. 


    Love's Great Mystery, Ontological and Absolute, as well as other prints with Jacob Hashimoto, are available directly through Durham Press. For more information, please contact us at sales@durhampress.com.