Noteworthy: Michael Heizer’s “CITY” becomes part of National Monument

Photo by Tom Vinetz © Triple Aught Foundation

Friday, July 10th marked a monumental victory for Michael Heizer and all of his supporters. President Obama signed proclamations designating three National Monuments, including 704,000 acres of Nevada’s Basin & Range. Heizer’s CITYa large land-art sculpture 45 years in the making, is at the center of the Basin & Range National Monument. Inspired by the architecture of ancient ruins, CITY is composed of earth, rock, and concrete and stretches more than a mile long and a quarter mile wide in the vast Nevada desert. The proclamation will keep the land from being developed into a missile test site, nuclear waste rail line, and prevent travel of gas and oil, while preserving Native American trails and rock art that dates back thousands of years. CITY will be open to the public when it is complete.

Michael Heizer met with President Obama and is pictured here with him in the Oval Office, along with Harry Reid and Michael Govan:

Congratulations, Michael! Thank you, President Obama!

Photo by Tom Vinetz © Triple Aught Foundation