Noteworthy: Roland Fischer Monograph

Durham Press would like to congratulate Roland Fischer on two new publications, Façades and Architectures. This accomplishment comes well deserved, as Fischer has been photographing architecture facades since the 1990’s in some of the greatest cities around the world. With over a hundred photographs, Façades captures urban modernism in its most abstract form. Geometry, color and rhythm glow fluidly, creating images that resemble abstract paintings. Façades also contains several essays by Sheryl Conkelton, Petra Giloy-Hirtz and Lyle Rexer describing the concept and process behind Fischer’s work.

Roland Fischer’s book, Façades, is available for purchase at The University of Chicago Press.

Roland Fischer’s recent exhibition, Architectures, was produced and organized by the Institut d’Estudis Baleårics in collaboration with the Fundaciø Palma Espai d’Art. Designed for the main floor of Casal Solleric, the show contains more than 50 of Fischer’s photographs from the series New Architectures, Cathedrals and Shadows. A catalogue titled Architectures was published specifically for the show and is now available.

Current and Upcoming Exhibitions:
Façades Walter Storm Galerie, Munich – opening February 24, 2015
New Façades Contemporary Cultural Center Pelaries – November 20 – January 31, 2015