In the Studio: Emil Lukas new portfolio Bubble-up

Emil Lukas was here this month making monoprints, which we have just released. The prints are called Larva, Bubble and Thread, and are sold as groupings or as individual prints.

Lukas creates the “Larva” imagery using actual live larvae, which he manipulates to create patterns. These patterns are then transferred on to silkscreens, which are layered one on top of the other to make the final prints.

The “Bubble” prints take their cue from actual bubble wrap. The familiar size and shape are burned into an etching plate and then hand inked with different colors, so no two prints are alike.

Lukas’ “Thread Paintings”, made from colored thread wound around frames, are very similar to the these “Thread” prints, which are made from a myriad of silkscreens.