New Release: Roland Fischer | Facades on Paper IV

Façades on Paper IV | 2012

Durham Press is pleased to announce Facades on Paper IV a series of eight new prints by Roland Fischer. In his fourth and final series of Facades on Paper, Roland Fischer explores the points, lines and vectors of orientation in modern day buildings throughout the world. By magnifying the elements of the building’s design and profile, Fischer is able to produce images that reflect the facade’s color, form and distinctive geometric patterns.

Facades on Paper IV is a series of eight photographic screenprints individually titled: Birmingham (Night), OIO Melbourne, Bank of China #2, Black Forest, Museum Munich #2, Surf Parade/Gold Cost, NAB Melbourne, and Wokesong Beijing. This remarkable portfolio is available for sale as a set or as individual prints. A catalogue with an essay by Sarah Stanley, a Berlin-based writer, will accompany the project.

“Roland Fischer travels to the world’s largest cities in order to compile a virtual catalog of high rise structures.  The artist is in fact investigating the consolidation of financial industries through new forms of trading instruments, especially in Asia, which gave rise to panoply of generic architectural styles in 1980s and 90s.  This contemporary condition which further unites architecture and finance in the newly globalized world city provides the graphic spectrum for Roland Fischer’s Façade series”
by Sarah Stanley

Façades on Paper IV | 2012