Beatriz Milhazes : Screenprints Exhibition by Whitechapel at the Windsor Gallery

Beatriz Milhazes is the first artist chosen for a solo exhibition at The Gallery at Windsor in Vero Beach, Florida. The exhibition was organized by the Whitechapel Gallery in London. The exhibition features all of the prints that Beatriz created at Durham Press from 1996-2011. Beatriz has worked with Durham Press since 1996, in that time she has created 25 beautiful and complicated prints. The Gallery at Windsor showcases this accomplishment.

Iwona Blazwick OBE, Director, Whitechapel Gallery, London said:”The Whitechapel Gallery has always pioneered world-class artists and we are delighted to realise a new exhibition in the Gallery at Windsor. I see Beatriz’s work as orchestral, with circular elements interweaving to form a symphony of colour and shape. The titles of her work are in themselves a form of poetry. To show these alongside archival materials and the beautiful artist’s books gives the show a further dimension. Art historical echoes are both European and Brazilian – we can see Milhazes as the inheritor both of artists such as Matisse and Sonia Delaunay, as well as the Brazilian Tropicalia movement. The different forms of her work will be enhanced by the fantastic light of the gallery and the beautiful landscape surrounding it.”

The exhibition will be on display from December 3rd, 2011 through February 28th, 2012. The opening of exhibition conincided with Art Basel Miami Beach. A catalogue of the prints will be produced and will feature a statement from JP about his working relationship with Beatriz and the process they have created and utilized to make this incredible body of work. Individuals and small groups of 10 or less are invited to tour the gallery, with all tours scheduled by appointment only. Gallery hours are: Monday through Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM; weekends 10:00 AM 5:00 PM. Please contact the gallery with questions and/or requests at 772 388 4071 or [email protected].