Michael Heizer’s Levitated Mass at LACMA

Offering | 1992, variant edition, die-embossed, dye saturated screenprints

Michael Heizer was one of the first artists to work at Durham Press– he had a huge influence on JP and the overall direction of the Press. Michael specializes in large-scale sculptures and land art. Since the late 1990’s he has been working on City, an enormous complex in the Nevada desert. Michael is currently working on an installation for the Los Angles County Musem of Art (LACMA). Levitated Mass is composed of a 456 foot long slot carved into the earth that will be topped with a single 340 ton granite boulder. Michael concieved the project in 1968 but did not find a suitable boulder until decades later. The boulder is currently traveling from the quarry to LACMA- it will take the boulder 9 nights at the speed of 6 miles an hour to travel over 120 miles of roads- the New York Times and the Washington Post have been reporting about the monumental move. Leviated Mass will be open to the public in November 2011.

Drawing of Levitated Mass

image of the rig that will be used to move the boulder

close up of the boulder