Lemonade Stand, Tom Slaughter, Fresh Foods, Small Holding Festival

This past weekend, Pippa and Addy of Durham Press launched their fabulous lemonade stand, with the help of mom, dad, great art by Tom Slaughter and  a little help from Durham Press!

The stand was part of the Small Holding Festival, hosted by Linden Hill Gardens in Bucks County, PA.  The “locavore” festival was created by Melissa Hamilton CANAL HOUSE and Kristin Perry THE KITCHEN POTAGER and had wonderful demonstrations on growing your own vegetables, keeping bees, making cheese at home, and raising chickens in the backyard and more. The Lemonade Stand was made to promote an initiative in the school district to feed more fresh and local foods in the school.  The girls and their friends served over 450 freshly squeezed lemonades with mint and verbena! Thank you everyone who helped.