Noteworthy: James Nares in Lonny Magazine

Epigraph 1 | 2005, 10 Color Screenprint, 48″ x 24 1/2″, Ed. 25

Epigraph 1 (White on Black) by James Nares was featured in the pages of the July/August edition of Lonny Magazine. The Epigraph series was created at Durham Press in 2005. Durham Press and James have since collaborated on several other projects. Our most recent project, from 2010, is West on Sunrise– which was produced in blue and black. Stay tuned for a new Nares project in the fall of 2011.

West on Sunrise Black | 2010, Screenprint, 28″ x 75″, ed. 25

West on Sunrise | 2010, Screenprint, 28″ x 75″, ed. 50