Little Lights by Emil Lukas at the Easton Community Center

Little Lights by Emil Lukas

Little Lights by Emil Lukas

Emil Lukas has a new installation, titled Little Lights, at the Easton Community Center in Easton, PA. Little Lights is anchored to the first floor roof of the ECC. The installation is made of bicylces, wood and plastic.  The sculpture is a small mountain range of bicycles covered in strong opaque plastic, painted and illuminated by tiny solar-charged lights.

detail of Little Lights

When the installation is removed the bicycles will be donated to the Community Center to be used by children for bike safety classes, bike repair courses and rides. The ECC is committed to providing cultural, educational, recreational and social opportunities and to designing creative and high quality programs which will enhance the mental and physical well-being of children, teens and adults within the greater Easton community.

Emil has created several prints with Durham Press and is in the process of working on a new project at the Press- we’ll keep you posted with more news as the summer progresses.

The Alignments #2 by Emil Lukas