Polly Apfelbaum Production in the Studio

For the last couple of weeks, the studio crew has been working hard to finish production on the last of our new editions–Polly Apfelbaum’s Wood Street and Lover’s Leap 13. Both editions required a bit of innovation and a constructed jig in order to print the perfect edition, and it has been an interesting process to see these prints being produced. Below are a handful of images taken while the studio crew has been been working on these two unique new editions.

Jason, Kyle and Jeremy inking blocks prior to placing them in the jig seen in the foreground

Jason making notes on the ink colors while Kyle and Jeremy place inked blocks into the jig

Jeremy and Kyle placing inked blocks into the jig

Inked blocks in the jig

Once the jig is filled with the appropriate blocks, the entire set up is placed into the hydraulic press, and all of the blocks are pressed into handmade sheets of Japanese paper. The end result is a finished Lover’s Leap 13 print, as seen below.

Colors rolled out for Polly Apfelbaum’s Wood Street (Gray)

Chris placing the inked blocks into the custom-made jig

Chris locking the jig up preparing it to be printed

Reveal of one of the Wood Street (Gray) prints

The finished Wood Street portfolio