On View: Ray Charles White @ Senior & Shopmaker Gallery


Next Wednesday, February 13th, 2008, will mark the opening of Ray Charles White’s exhibition, Recent Work, at Senior & Shopmaker Gallery in New York City. The shows runs from February 13 – March 29th, 2008, with the opening on the 13th from 6-8 pm. All works in the exhibition are recent collaborations with Durham Press, and the studio crew have been working tirelessly to get the incredible new works ready for the show.

The Senior & Shopmaker website features the following press release for Recent Work:

Senior & Shopmaker Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of new photographic works by photographer Ray Charles White. The artist, born in Toronto in 1961, employs “straight photography” skills which he honed under the tutelage of Ansel Adams, in combination with computer-based digital technology and screenprinting techniques employed by his long-time collaborator, Jean Paul Russell at Durham Press in Durham, Pennsylvania where these works are fabricated. The resulting images-water surfaces, tree branches, shards of cracked ice-are silkscreened onto anodized aluminum panels producing an effect at once simple and infinitely detailed.

Shooting directly from nature, White captures the tension, tranquility, and emotional potential of water, in all its forms. Like artists such as Vija Celmins, Roni Horn, and Hiroshi Sugimoto, White is fascinated by the potential for pure abstraction inherent in patterns found in water surfaces. By tightly cropping his images and arranging them in minimalist grids, the artist eliminates references to specific landscapes. The reflectivity afforded by their aluminum substrate animates his subjects and further separates them from the static nature of traditional landscape photography. In his essay, Enigma of the Earth, Vincent Katz describes the tension in White’s work between nature and technology: “… there is a deeper look, to the materials and means of transference, and the mechanical nature of what we are looking at takes precedence. White takes a salutary distance from Warhol’s undeniable influence, taking a more cautious approach, toeing a line between nature and technology.”

Below are images of the pieces in Recent Work in production. The entire Durham Press crew will be in attendance at the opening, and it should be an amazing night. For more information, please visit the Senior and Shopmaker website here.


Ray and Jason discussing one of the screens Jason is preparing to print


Refraction by Ray Charles White, a new piece to be included in the show


Chris and Jackie cleaning one of the new screens


another new piece, titled Parallax, to be included in the show


Chris and Jason look over one of the just-printed panels for the large-scale piece tentatively titled Into the Woods