On View: Roland Fischer @ Walter Storms Galerie, Munich


Friend and Durham Press artist, Roland Fischer, is currently showing his Chinese Pool Portraits at the Walter Storms Galerie in Munich, Germany.

The press release from the show states, “With the Chinese Pool Portraits Roland Fischer modifies his internationally successful series from the 1990s, Los Angeles Portraits. Photographed in Beijing and Shanghai the shown women (and few men) come from all parts of China. Now the busts of the portrayed surrounded by the blue monochrome surface of the water, are not taken up any more exclusively en face. The postures of the head and postures vary, the looks are directed inside or visionary in the distance. The persons in the Chinese Pool Portraits seem isolated individuals, without tips to social standing or occupation. Where Asians are similar, otherwise, from western view, Fischer succeeds in introducing individual personalities to the viewer. The Chinese Pool Portraits represent in her totality the energy and the unconditional, powerful wish of the young generation of proud and forward striving people with absolute self-confidence. We had an exciting première with the Chinese Pool Portraits in a one man show on the new art fair “ShContemporary” in Shanghai. Enlarged with new motives we show the work group now for the first time in Munich.”