Emil Lukas In The Studio

Alison, her husband Andy and their cat headed home late Wednesday night, and Thursday morning, Emil Lukas arrived to continue working on his two new incredible editions. In the first photo, JP, Jason and Emil discuss a proof of Emil’s new multi-color screenprint, and, unfortunately, the photograph doesn’t really do the work justice. The image, generated using the string element common in Emil’s sculpture and mixed media wallworks, is at once tranquil and frantic, as dozens of layered colors coalesce in to one subtle, harmonious end product. If you are in the New York area, Emil’s show One to the Other will be featured at the Hosfelt Gallery through October 27th, and it is definitely worth checking out.

JP, Jason and Emil
Emil, Jason and JP discuss proofs of Emil’s new multi-color screenprint

Jason - Emil Proof
Jason printing proofs of Emil’s new screenprint