Alison Elizabeth Taylor In the Studio

This week we had both Alison Elizabeth Taylor and Emil Lukas out working in the studios. Alison is a recent graduate of the Columbia University School of the Arts, and this is her first time collaborating with Durham Press. In this new project, she is revisiting some of the imagery used in her wood veneer inlay pieces (which you can see here), and transforming them into a series of multi-color screenprints. In the image below, JP and Jason are discussing a proof of one of the three prints to be included in the portfolio. The title of the series is Idylls.

Jason and JP - Alison Proof

Alison’s work is comprised of a muted, earthy palette that evokes both tacky, suburban home interiors and polluted, wasteland landscapes. Jackie has been tirelessly mixing ink trying to acheive the subtle tonal differences in these images. In the picture below, you can see her working on getting the inks right, and you can see some of the colors she’s come up with in the second image of Jason looking over the proofs.


Alison Proof - Jason