Roland Fischer

The week after Polly finished up at the Press, Roland Fischer (and his assistant Matthias) flew in to continue working on Roland’s third portfolio of Facades on Paper. The Facades are “portraits” (as Roland calls them) of architectural exteriors, and, through the screenprinting process, the formal, geometric quality of Roland’s photographs is elevated, resulting in images that evoke abstract painting and minimalist photography in equal measure. In the image below, JP and Roland are discussing the proofs of the eight facades to be included in the new portfolio.

Roland & JP

While Roland was out at the Press, he had a bit of downtime, and he spent a great deal of it talking to friends in China using his Skype internet calling system. Through the webcam feature, they were able to see what was going on at the Press and Roland could see what was going on in their location. At lunch time, the crew at the Press tends to gather under the tree out back (the one Roland is sitting under in the photo below), and, if Roland was in the middle of a call at lunchtime, he would set the computer up on the table and his friend in China would have lunch with all of us.

Roland Under Tree