Polly Apfelbaum’s monoprints in production

This month has been a busy one for Durham Press, as we have had four different artists out here working in the studios in the last four weeks. With both the IFPDA Print Fair in New York City and the INK Miami Print Fair right around the corner, we are working hard to get all of the new work ready to show at these major events. Polly Apfelbaum kicked off the month with a two-week stint at the Press. You can see her here with Jason working on the first of three new Love Parks. Days after finishing the last of the three prints, they were picked up and delivered to the Locks Gallery in Philadelphia, where Polly’s show Big Love is featured in the first floor exhibition space.

Polly & Jason

In the two photos below, you can begin to get a sense of the process that goes into making Polly’s woodblock monoprints. Each block is individually inked and situated, and then a number of blocks are printed simultaneously in the hydraulic press. The piece that JP and Jason are loading into the press is another one of Polly’s new Love Parks.


Jason & JP - Love Park

The scale of the production of Polly’s prints is hard to imagine without seeing pictures of it. In addition to JP, Polly and the three full-time studio staff members, we also bring on additional help while Polly is here, because the more hands you have to clean and ink blocks the better. At any given time, there can be upwards of eighty different colors rolled out and ready to use on dozens of different sized and shaped blocks. While JP, Jason and Polly are generally working in the press room, you can have anywhere from three to five people in the big studio prepping the blocks to be printed. In the image below, you can see Polly grabbing blocks while Jackie and Jeremy are busy inking.


Polly & Jason 2

Polly & Chris