Emil Lukas In The Studio

Emil Lukas returned this week to work on the etchings that will become the second piece of his new monoprint diptychs (you can see the in-progress screenprints in the Emil Lukas post below). The printed image is generated by dozens of etched coins that are individually inked and placed into a copper matrix.

Emil placing inked coins into the copper matrix

Once the matrix is filled with inked coins, it is run through the press. In the second image below, you can see Chris and Jason reveal one of the first prints in this new series.

Etched coins that have been individually inked and are ready to print

Chris and Jason revealing one of Emil’s new etchings

Each diptych is comprised of a unique screenprint to be hung on the left and a unique etching to be hung on the right. In the image below, you can begin to see how each print relates to and alters the other when they are placed in close proximity. Colors that were nearly invisible before, are pulled out and brought to the forefront when they are prominent in the other print, and there is an overall shift in what your eye picks up on when looking at the prints as a pair. The first in this new series of diptychs, U.M.R = L (#0906), will be on display in our booth at the IFPDA New York Print Fair. For more information on Emil Lukas and his work, please visit his website here.

U.M.R=L (#0906)