Ray Charles White @ Durham Press

Ray Charles White was out at the Press all last week working on proofs for three of his new editions. In the photo below, you can see one of his new photogravure prints being revealed. The print will be included in a series of three, titled Gravure Bubble Studies, and will be on display in our booth at the IFPDA New York Print Fair.


Making photogravure plates is a very exacting and in-depth process. The website does a very good job of explaining the steps that are involved and relating the photogravure process to the origin and evolution of the medium of photography. In keeping with this tradition, Ray has chosen to print his photogravures in an ink color very similar to the tone of a cyanotype print. In the photo below, Ray and Chris discuss the new proof while Chris cleans the plate.


Ray also has several other new editions that will be debuting at the Fair. Below is an image of Pericu Palms, a series of three screenprints on anodized aluminum. House and Garden Magazine recently published an article about Ray’s work on aluminum and his ongoing collaboration with Durham Press. To read more, click here.