On View: Chitra Ganesh + Mickalene Thomas @ Girls Club


Architects of the Future, 2014 | Installation photograph courtesy of Voltagge

Girls’ Club – November 12, 2015- June 25, 2016

Girls’ Club’s current exhibition, Self-Proliferation, includes the work of Chitra Ganesh and Mickalene Thomas, both printed and published at Durham Press. The group show consists of a diverse range of editioned works by more than thirty artists from the collection of Francie Bishop Good and David Horvitz, including Mickalene Thomas’s Landscape Majestic and Chitra Ganesh’s portfolio, Architects of the Future.

Girls’ Club mission is to educate the public, nurture the careers of female artists, and to serve as a resource for art students and scholars, curators and practicing artists on the contributions of women to the field of contemporary art.”


Landscape Majestic, 2011| Installation photograph courtesy of Voltagge

For pricing and availability on Mickalene Thomas and Chitra Ganesh prints, please contact Gwyneth Fearnhead, [email protected]


On View: Polly Apfelbaum + Emil Lukas @ Purchase College

Polly @ Purchase

Photo courtesy of Purchase College and the artist

Purchase College | Richard & Dolly Maass Gallery – October 5, 2015 – November 13, 2015

Polly Apfelbaum and Emil Lukas currently have works on display at Purchase College in New York. Apfelbaum’s woodblock monoprints, Byzantine Rocker 1 and 6join Lukas’s portfolio, Bubble-Up, in the show Interwoven: Prints and Process. The show is part of Purchase Printweek 2015 and will run through November 13, 2015.

Everson Museum of Art – September 25, 2015 – January 3, 2015

Polly Apfelbaum is also part of the group show Three Graces at Everson Museum of Art in Syracuse, NY. The show embraces the creative aspects of ancient mythology through the artists’ contemporary works. Apfelbaum’s textiles will join Tony Feher’s installations and Carrie Moyer’s paintings.

For pricing and availability on Polly and Emil’s prints, please contact
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On View: Chitra Ganesh @ Rutgers University

Gallery 2-1

Installation images courtesy of Rutgers University

Mary H. Dana Women Artists Series Galleries – September 1, 2015 – December 10, 2015

Chitra Ganesh has been named the 2015-16 Estelle Lebowitz Endowed Visiting Artist in Residence at Rutgers University. Her solo exhibition will be on view September 1st through December 10th, 2015 in the Mary H. Dana Women Artists Series Galleries at the Mabel Smith Douglass Library, Rutgers University. The exhibition will feature the portfolio, Architects of the Futurewhich was produced with Durham Press in 2014.

Gallery Wendi Norris – September 10, 2015 – October 31, 2015

Protest Fantasies is Ganesh’s second solo exhibition with Gallery Wendi Norris in San Francisco. The exhibition will host a new body of paintings on canvas that vary in size and draw from her use of mixed media, digital collages and drawings. Ganesh continues to explore issues of gender, sexuality and mythology in this new series of works.

ARTnews Habitat: Chitra Ganesh

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New Portfolio: Emil Lukas | Bubble-up

Lukas Portfolio

Bubble-Up | 2013, Portfolio of 2 etchings and 7 screenprints, 23 3/4 x 17 inches each, ed. 35

Durham Press is pleased to announce Bubble-up, a new portfolio of prints by Emil Lukas. The portfolio consists of two etchings and seven screenprints, each measuring 22 3/4 by 17 inches. The nine prints are presented in a portfolio box and are published in an edition of 35.In Bubble-up, Lukas both recreates and re-imagines the unconventional materials and methods–including thread, larvae, bubble wrap and glass–of his acclaimed paintings and sculptures. The artist organized the prints in a three-by-three grid to give the overall composition of dots, lines, and other marks an upward and effervescent movement.Within this grid, two screen prints reference Lukas’s thread paintings, which he creates by stretching layers of threads across wooden frames. Taut, colorful lines crisscross Hum, and vertical strings accumulate into a dense mass in Curtain. Anatomy documents the wandering of larvae and ink on glass. By printing screens of the larvae’s marks, as well as several flat washes of transparent ink, the print achieves an opacity and depth similar to that of Lukas’s larvae paintings.The remaining prints in Bubble-up allude to Lukas’s distinct painting techniques while also exploring new mark-making possibilities through printmaking processes. In three additional screenprints, Lukas again used thread to produce images, but he broke away from his typical unbending lines. He created a variety of compositions, from the structured undulations of Curve to the more free-form entanglements of Blood and Release. Glass unexpectedly reinterprets an aspect of Lukas’s larvae work. Instead of exposing glass marked with ink, the screenprint subtly reveals the gentle variations in tone caused by overlapping his vacant substrate. The artist used bubble wrap to create soft ground etchings for Detail and Orb. Though they recall his bubble-wrap-cast paintings, Lukas composed the prints to highlight the individual textures and crumpled lines within each circle, or “bubble,” of the seemingly uniform utilitarian material. As with glass, thread or larvae, Lukas’s ability to accentuate the particularity of the everyday pervades this portfolio.

Art in Print wrote a wonderful review of Bubble-up in the January/February 2014 publication, click here to read the article in full. Emil has been working with Durham Press since 2001. Bubble-up is sold as a set or as individual prints, for more information please contact Durham Press.

For a behind the scenes look at Emil’s work and process in the studio, here is a great video produced by Blouin:



EL- Proofing 201220121009_0014chadedits

Lukas Working Etching04chadedits

Lukas Working Etching27chadedits




New Edition: Mickalene Thomas | Sleep


Sleep: Deux Femmes Noires | 2013, Woodblock, Screenprint, and Digital Print, 38 1/2 x 80 1/2 inches, Ed. 25

Durham Press is pleased to announce the completion of Mickalene Thomas’s Sleep: Deux Femmes Noires. The new edition is a large-scale mixed media collage, comprised of woodblock, silkscreen and photographic elements. It measures 38 ½ by 80 ½ inches and is made in an edition of 25.

Sleep: Deux Femmes Noires is based on a small collage that Thomas used to conceive both the print and a large painting (of same title) that featured prominently in her solo exhibition “Origin of the Universe”. The widely acclaimed traveling show, organized by the Santa Monica Art Museum, was at the Brooklyn Museum earlier this year. Sleep, both in title and subject, directly references Gustave Courbet’s erotic painting Le Sommeil from 1866, but transports the interior scene of reclining nudes to a disparate collaged landscape of bright color and pattern. The work hints at influences from the Hudson River Painters, Romare Bearden, David Hockney and Seydou Keita. Thomas deftly weaves themes of black female beauty, power, and sexuality into classical genres of portraiture and landscape, creating works of stunning originality and strength.

The print, Sleep: Deux Femmes Noires, is a remarkable work made with 61 colors, 58 screens, 27 individual blocks, and 50 different collage components, including mahogany and cherry veneers. Each component and process adds to the lush composition of color, texture and pattern. The figures included in the collage are printed from an interior scene Thomas composed and photographed at 20 x 24 Studio in New York using a large format camera. Many of the landscape photographs used in the print are from Thomas’s personal travel in Africa. This is Thomas’s second work at Durham Press. The first, Landscape Majestic, was produced using similar printing and collage techniques.

Mickalene Thomas has been working with Durham Press since 2010, and her prints are available directly through our gallery. Please contact Gwyneth Fearnhead for more information, [email protected].



Noteworthy: Durham Press Open House


Durham Press will be hosting an Open House on Sunday, May 5th from 1 – 4pm. Please join us for an afternoon of art, a printmaking demonstration and a tour of our galleries and studios.

Durham Press is located in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, an hour and a half away from New York City. RSVP not required but appreciated!

New Edition: Polly Apfelbaum | Love Alley

Love Alley 4 | 2012, Woodblock, 32 x 68 inches, Ed. 25

Love Alley Black | 2012, Woodblock 32 x 68 inches, Ed. 12

Durham Press is pleased to announce the release of  Love Alley 4 and Love Alley Black 4  by Polly Apfelbaum.   Love Alley 4  is comprised of 236 blocks and 44 colors.

The prints are on display at the  Armory Show – today through the 10th. Please visit us –  Booth 518, or call with any questions.


New Release: James Nares | In Three Words

We are just finishing up production on James Nares’ newest prints at Durham Press, In Three Words, a triptych comprised of brushstrokes printed in three different shades of rich red. Below are some images of the prints being made. Please call us if you are interested in more information!


Beatriz Milhazes : Screenprints Exhibition by Whitechapel at the Windsor Gallery

Beatriz Milhazes is the first artist chosen for a solo exhibition at The Gallery at Windsor in Vero Beach, Florida. The exhibition was organized by the Whitechapel Gallery in London. The exhibition features all of the prints that Beatriz created at Durham Press from 1996-2011. Beatriz has worked with Durham Press since 1996, in that time she has created 25 beautiful and complicated prints. The Gallery at Windsor showcases this accomplishment.

Iwona Blazwick OBE, Director, Whitechapel Gallery, London said:”The Whitechapel Gallery has always pioneered world-class artists and we are delighted to realise a new exhibition in the Gallery at Windsor. I see Beatriz’s work as orchestral, with circular elements interweaving to form a symphony of colour and shape. The titles of her work are in themselves a form of poetry. To show these alongside archival materials and the beautiful artist’s books gives the show a further dimension. Art historical echoes are both European and Brazilian – we can see Milhazes as the inheritor both of artists such as Matisse and Sonia Delaunay, as well as the Brazilian Tropicalia movement. The different forms of her work will be enhanced by the fantastic light of the gallery and the beautiful landscape surrounding it.”

The exhibition will be on display from December 3rd, 2011 through February 28th, 2012. The opening of exhibition conincided with Art Basel Miami Beach. A catalogue of the prints will be produced and will feature a statement from JP about his working relationship with Beatriz and the process they have created and utilized to make this incredible body of work. Individuals and small groups of 10 or less are invited to tour the gallery, with all tours scheduled by appointment only. Gallery hours are: Monday through Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM; weekends 10:00 AM 5:00 PM. Please contact the gallery with questions and/or requests at 772 388 4071 or [email protected].


Hurvin Anderson at Durham Press

Welcome Series: Black and White | 2011, Woodblock, Screenprint and Wallpaper Relief, 38 x 58 5/8 inches, Ed. 30

Hurvin Anderson was working in the Durham Press studios and to sign his print Welcome Series: Black and White – a beautiful woodblock and screenprint with wallpaper relief printing – and he also began working on a colorful variation of the same image, entitled Welcome Series: Margaritas.

Hurvin has now created 4 projects at Durham Press. The first print created by Hurvin is Barbershop Print , which is a woodblock and screenprint created in 2010. Mrs. S. Keita was the second project to be completed in 2010 and is a series of 8 multicolored screenprints. Central Range, another beautiful screenprint and Welcome Series: Black and White – both were created and completed in 2011.