Noteworthy: “Troublemakers” Featuring Michael Heizer


Michael Heizer’s Double Negative, 1969,  Photo Copyright 2011,Triple Aught Foundation

Durham Press would like to congratulate Michael Heizer on Troublemakers: The Story of Land Art, where Heizer is featured as one of the most prolific land artist of our time. This documentary, by filmmaker James Crump, examines how renegade New York artists created monumental land art in the desolate American Southwest in the 1960s and early 1970s. These earth artists sought out how to transcend the limitations of painting and sculpture by producing art beyond the gallery.

“You can’t trade this…You can’t put this in your pocket” – Michael Heizer

Today these site-specific works remain impressive not only for the sheer audacity of their creators but also for their out-sized ambitions to break free from traditional norms. The film includes rare footage and interviews which tell the enigmatic lives and careers of three pioneers of land art, Robert Smithson (Spiral Jetty), Walter De Maria (The Lightning Field) and Michael Heizer (Double Negative).

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