On View: Polly Apfelbaum @ Lumber Room

Polly Apfelbaum is currently exhibiting in two shows.  Polly’s group show just started at the BCA Center in Vermont entitled “Evergreen Blue Shoes” and will be up until June 7th.  The show is a reference to a 60’s psychedelic rock band, continuing Polly’s exploration of counter culture and experimental artmaking.  Also on display until April 26th, Polly’s solo show at the lumber room in Portland, Oregon entitled “Color Stations Portland” will showcase her work in color field theory.  In Polly’s own words: “The 14 Color Stations are part of a larger series of Color Sessions: ‘sessions’ in the sense of musicians getting together for a number of takes, going through the score again and again, not toward some definitive version, but each take being as important as the other.” Follow this link for a review from The Oregonian.


Polly Apfelbaum | Color Stations Portland | installation view, lumber room, Portland | image by Jeremy Bitterman, Courtesy of lumber room

The shows feature work that she created in Rome during her year at the American Academy. Polly was in the Durham Press studio this fall, just after returning from a year in Italy and was one of the 2012-13 recipients of the Joseph H. Hazen Rome Prize. The Rome Prize is awarded to individuals who represent the highest standard of excellence in the arts and humanities. She was very inspired by the ancient mosaics she saw during her time in Rome and travels throughout Italy. Polly used this inspiration for her most recent series which she created in October. The result are two bold new unique works on paper, entitled Emperor Justinian and Empress Theodora. The prints measure 79 x 79 inches, and are made from many different sets of blocks individually inked in hundreds of colors and painstakingly composed to create this vibrant cacophony of color.